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Our mission.

We believe it’s time to unleash the full potential of cannabis as an active ingredient. We are dedicated to producing the finest cannabis derived ingredients and aim to help shape the development of their positive, controlled path to market.


Our process leverages the cleanest forms of extraction, from the highest quality materials. We cultivate in Switzerland, under sustainably organic conditions to deliver the safest, most consistent, pure, and effective products. Our commitment to purity is for you.


We only sell product that we grow or contract from Switzerland. With more than 25 years of agricultural experience, our group of experts develops and manufactures to only the highest standards. We drive innovation and pioneer new standards of cultivation excellence every day.


Every process we implement is sustainable. From reusing the fiber in our plant stems to reclaiming the water in our vertical growing systems, we continuously integrate cutting edge sustainability techniques across all aspects of our product and facilities development.

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Nature tells us how to do things right. We simply follow her lead.

We strive to deliver products to benefit mind, body & soul. Discover our own premium brands: 1807 Blends CBD oils and 1807 Bis CBD Flowers.

  • Swiss Grown.

  • Reliable.

  • Sustainable.

  • Responsible.

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